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Exclusive Services

A full-fledged service and solution combined into a seamless customer experience. Our capabilities of delivering technology and solutions with our service excellence sets us apart from any other System Integrator or Consulting Company. We do not only resell solution, but we combined exceptional deliveries using unparalleled methodologies to ensure customer success.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management

Our core capabilities include solution stacks of External Asset Surface Management, Cyber Threat Intelligence Enrichment, Artificial Intelligence Validation, and Breach Attack Simulation. We represent Ultrared Technologies for solutions in the Indonesian and ASEAN markets.


Cyber Threat Intelligence & Attribution

Pioneering in CTI solutions, our capabilities have been present to enable high-profile banks to attribute cyber attacks to cyber crime syndicates. The ability to effectively drive not only operational but also tactical and strategic level service. The only Cyber Threat Intelligence expert in the Indonesian market. Not only do we deliver the CTI solutions but we operationalize them to provide a 300% Return on Investment minimum over 3 years of investment. We represent Group-IB Threat Intelligence for this solution.


Third Party Cyber Risk Management

We deliver solutions and services related to third-party cyber risk management. Our solution will be able to detect the entirety of your digital assets along with your third and fourth-party providers/partners. This enables your organization to secure supply chain cyber risk effectively. We represent Security Score Card for this solution. 


DevSecOps Innovation and CI/CD Building

Our expertise in DevSecOps implementation ensures that you can always rely on the security shift to the left. This framework essentially (if practiced well) will help your organization to be very mature in cybersecurity since cybersecurity will be in every design of your applications. We represent Guardrails for this solution.

Northern Lights

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