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Cybersecurity Special Operations

-Exploring the Dark Waters-

Introducing to you, the one and only SPECOPS in cybersecurity.

Our team members of specially designated, organized, selected, trained, and equipped forces using unconventional techniques and modes of employment. We architect, implement, operate, and transfer highly complex cybersecurity solutions specially required for national security purposes and high critical projects


Government & Ministry Organizations

We conduct assessments and architect designs of specific cybersecurity initiatives. Our team tailors the cybersecurity requirements to cater to national cyber initiatives including enabling private cloud cybersecurity capabilities.


Military and Intelligence Institutions

We have exposure and experience in tailoring military-grade cyber solutions ranging from cyber defense operations to cyber offensive operations. Our team has extensive involvement in national events like G20 and KTT ASEAN


High Profile Enterprise and Cloud Providers

Specifically, design and implement highly complex solutions which is typically the first in Indonesia. We convert normal Enterprise Solutions into Cloud Native capable Cybersecurity for multiple MSSP in Indonesia

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