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High Profile Cyber Security and Technology Solutions for Enterprises

Our Services

Cyber Crime Mitigation Consulting

A pioneer in the high profile cyber crime and incident management for Banks, Financial Services and Government Institutions. Our unparalleled methodology combines Indonesian locality best suited for organizations in country - paired with International standard by our technology and consulting partnerships with Group-IB, Kela and Mandiant

High Profile Cyber Security Services

Dedicated cyber security experts provide wide range of cyber security services from Virtual CISO function, Security Operations Centers, Offensive Cyber Security, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cyber Fraud and Cyber Scam Mitigation Services.

Security Operations Center

We enable our partners SOC capabilities and provide high value SOC services focusing on different type of SOCs:

  1. Base Ops SOC

  2. Cyber Threat Intelligence Driven SOC

  3. Cyber Fraud / Scam SOC

  4. Offensive SOC

Cyber Security Technology and Solutions

Partnership with outstanding cyber security technology provider, we consult, implement and manage the operations for the following technology:

  1. Group-IB Technology Suites

  2. Kela Technology Suites

  3. Ultrared Technology Suites

  4. Cybereason XDR Suites

  5. Stellar Cyber Open XDR

  6. Guardrails DevSecOps Platform

  7. Security Score Card Platform

  8. Palo Alto Networks Cloud Security

  9. IBM Anti Fraud Solutions

  10. IBM Integrated Governance, Risk & Compliance Management Platform

Partner With Us for a Secure and Innovative Future

Partnering with us means gaining access to the latest cyber security and technology solutions. We integrate with your ecosystem to provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of your enterprise. With our comprehensive training and support, you can be sure that your enterprise is prepared for the future.

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